Prince playing at Coachella 2008.


I am back in the US and my mother invited me to see Prince, Welcome 2 America concert, at the RBC Center in Durham, North Carolina.
My mother is 80 years old and we both like Prince. She invited me together with her husband.
I always lived an oddball life so I am back at it again, this time to see Prince with my octogenarian fan base.

It’s not an intimate tête-à-tête with an artist but a concert in an arena holding almost 20,000 people and it was full.

A line of massive speakers, strobe lights, and four giant screens dangled from the ceiling above the stage designed in the form of his logo. His logo from the days he decided to forgo a name to something visual with no known pronunciation in any recognized language.

Chaka Khan, the opening artist, wore a black and gold sequins top and knee-high boots to match. She was coiffed with thick shoulder length auburn hair.

Her band was a drummer, lead guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and 3 back up singers all dressed in black. The woman can sing, she has a breaking-champagne-glass voice.

She rocked the audience with a medley of her songs, my favorite was “Tell me something good”, and finished half an hour later with “I’m Every Women”.  All the women in the audience stood, even my mother who clapped in tune and hummed the words with a French accent. 

After a 5 minutes intermission the audience cheered to ear piecing decibel and Prince, Prince the star, rose from a platform to the stage with a red loose-fitting blouse, black flair pants, high heels red shoes, ears studded with a row of diamond glitters, and an oversized ethnic necklace.

Prince is breakable thin with a charismatic and seductive androgynous look. He is energetic, pauses with mannerism and his voice renders notes higher than a rainbow.

His band is a three back up female singers in their forties and early fifties. That’s my guess and I apologize if they are not in this age group.

The rests are 3 keyboards, a drummer and a bass guitar. His group has more women than men. It is amazing how a small band can envelope with such good quality sound a large arena.

His concert lasted almost two hours with only a break for a change to a white outfit and matching high heels.  Also, he performed an encore, after his show, dressed in black with shiny silver flat rubber sole shoes. I think that I should feel special to have seen Prince in flat shoes.

Prince cannot be defined in one musical genre.  It is a mixture of Rock heavily dependant on R&B or vice versa and his guitar playing his divine.

The closing song was “Purple Rain”. This song is over 25 years old and the lyrics are obscure unless you have seen the movie. The song is a link among a story. Yes, Prince made a movie called Purple Rain based on his life.

“Purple Rain” is an ageless hair rising and emotional undefined appealing tune which acquire another dimension when Prince sings it. Prince is a musical genius.

The wet road on the way home looked purple. My ears were still muffled by the concert noise and loud music.  Nice concert, really, really nice.




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