Kenya politic does not stop amusing me.  Now, it seems that Mr. Farah Maalim, the Deputy speaker of the National Assembly, is up in arms because only 30% of the public money goes to projects.  The rest, 70%, is stolen by “bureaucrats, politicians and contractors”.  At least the man is honest.

I guess I was wrong when I thought that 20% of any fund ended up in the pockets of the well-connected people.

Then he did not mention the useless contracts given as favors to the politically connected.

Question: Why is it that money stolen from government projects is never recovered?
However, when a man steals a chicken to feed his family the police frog march him to the station within a minute of the crime.

I am sure that it is only the tip of the iceberg, considering the government delegates some of the police academy responsibility or whatever to a public relations company.

Yes, police get training from a PR company to beef up their image. I wonder what would happen in NY if the local government would pull a stunt like that.

Kenyans are highly educated and I don’t understand why they cannot find, within the police ranks, suitable staff able to do that job.  Maybe, the PR Company is politically more connected that any junior educated police officer.  Could be the PR Company stole the gun to shoot the money bag.

Then some of the politicians summoned to present their case on alleged crime against humanity at the International Criminal Court are still in the government, or being showered with support and even one was coveted with a tribal title.

Strange they all have to present themselves at The Hague at the beginning of April and few stated that it has been difficult for them to acquire a Visa to the Netherlands.

Question: It seems that none of the accused has requested a visa to The Hague. Duh … Do you really think the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is lying?

Gosh the ICC and the chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo are so slow it hurts. In the meantime the ICC witnesses are threatened, bought off, in hiding or probably being exterminated by the extra-judicial killers.  

While away at The Hague the presidential contenders will hire a PR company to present their political platform back home. Yes, the mini Gadhafis in the making are running for the presidency in 2012.

Most politicians in the government are related. They have a cousin, niece, brother, mama, business partner, girl friend waiting for a contract, herbalist, same tribe, the lad promised a post, a niece, the son of the third wife.

Most probably that a “relative” will read the speech, send by special courier from The Hague, at political rallies. The PR Company will bring the cheerleaders, pompom girls, hired crowd, free t-shirts with the beer smile and a bag of flour.  It will be successful as per the press releases.

Let’s hope their home base supporters don’t go haywire when the cow dong hits the fan at The Hague.




  1. How come we choose from just two people to run for president and 50 for Miss Kenya? ~Author Unknown

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