Dennis Rodman

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The Detroit Pistons are retiring Denis Rodman No.10, where he spent 7 seasons out of his 14.

I am a not a sport fan but I do remember Denis Rodman. He was more than a basketball player.

Actually, I did watch a few of his games on TV. Not for the game  of basketball, besides putting a ball in a hoop I don’t even know the rule of the game, but because he was playing. Funny hair styles, tattoos and antics were his persona and somehow I liked his underdog attitude.

However, I know that Dennis Rodman played basketball for 14 seasons.
The average person does not play, they work and the time spent working is calculated in years.
Then they don’t retire your overalls, your tools, or your punch cards. Once you are gone they throw it away or pass it on to someone else.

Actors have roles or parts which they act for a play, movie or series. Series are counted in seasons not years.
Friends, the series, did not last ten years but ten seasons.  The actors had characters or roles to play. They didn’t work but played.
The Actors’ union is called guild. Because calling it union is not glamorous and has less star appeal.
Then you cannot play with a union, you have to work with them. Also, you cannot play in an assembly line.  You still have to work.

Soldiers have a different status. They go on tours to places with exotic names. I knew someone who did two tours in Vietnam. He did not retire.  He got an honorable discharge together with a full disability benefit.
Contracts in the army do not expire, they discharge you. My friend did not receive a pension but a disability benefit. I did not know that it was a benefit to be disabled.
His nickname was June bug and he was born in a small coal mining town in West Virginia. He was a gunner on rescue choppers and he did not play the part. That was his work.
No awards, no Oscars but actors can get one by playing the role of a June Bug in Vietnam then look for another real-life role to play while the real June Bug waits his turn to see a doctor at the Veteran Administration.  

Big executive, the one in Wall Street ripping off people, don’t get bonus they receive compensation awards when they get added responsibilities. The government helps them when they run into trouble.

The policemen or firemen that will come to their house and risk their lives in time of trouble get medals or colorful stickers for their lapels.
They normally don’t receive compensation but salary raise arduously fought by their unions. They don’t play and spend seasons doing their duties. No, they work hard for many years then retire.

I never heard a  police officer having his weapon retired after playing 20 seasons in the police force. No, they take the weapon away.
Policemen are usually removed when they violate under stress brought on by self-righteous idiots, hoodlums or criminals, their terms of employment serving the public.

The government does not bail them out. The police are not a big firm with a glamorous name in a financial district.

Then for the governments and the politicians I still wait for the headlines from the COMMON PEOPLE newspapers that would put a smile on my face:

“This Government has violated our terms and conditions and has been removed.”



One response to “MULTIPURPOSE RANT

  1. To the honorable writer of this blog and the rest of you who might be charing his very prudent approach to various issues, at this time I’m truly sorry I don’t have any quote to add, but in connection to this blog I recommend to browse You Tube and to one of my favorite performer, George Carlin and specially the “American Dream”
    Unfortunately he passed away some years ago. I have a feeling that if he had the possibilities to have a blog it should be on the same bearing as the one I do follow now.

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