The case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the French former International Monetary Fund‘s director, has become media frenzy on two continents. It is the battle of the American legal laws versus the French common laws or the merits of the old British laws versus the Napoleonic codes.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is accused of sexual assault and the US media shows pictures of him with handcuffs, escorted by policemen and in front of the judge. In America an accused person is innocent until declared guilty but paraded with all the paraphernalia of a guilty verdict.

The French media somehow believes that DSK has been framed and with little reverence reveals the alleged victim’s full name, her origin, her family set up, where she lives, her looks and physical attributes.  The plaintiff’s privacy is assaulted before her case is heard.

The US media claims that DSK could receive from 5 to 30 years in prison but a maximum of five years in France.
Interestingly the French media said, that’s doubtful and yet to be proven, that his status would be unscathed by the accusations.

In the French public opinion the plaintiff has questionable credibility; she is black and not any black but African black.
Furthermore, her moral integrity is tainted for being a young single mother raising a teenage child.
In France many people are crossing their fingers hoping the accuser is lying.

The Daily Telegraph stated that Kristin Davis, the Manhattan madam, who provided call girls to the rich and famous, said that DSK was prone to violent outburst and was aggressive with women.
I think that Kristin Davis should be considered an authority on DSK’s character. 

The house-keeper has changed DSK’s life path for ever as well as IMF and the 2012 French presidential election.

DSK, a member of the socialist party, was the favorite candidate to run against President Sarkozy who is member of the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP).

Interesting to know that Harlem Désir, a black man, founder of SOS Racism an organization against racial discrimination, now a European Deputy and the socialist party second in command said that President Sarkozy should intervene in DSK’S liberation in order for him to prepare his defense.

Harlem Désir is absolutely delusional in the understanding of power and justice and, thanks to his comments on DSK problems, makes it less palatable to vote for a party whose leaders lack comprehension of the principles of socialism.

DSK is a big boy who has money, clout, an overgrown ego and a gullible wife to solve his problems.

The house-keeper has the most difficult task. The Media bared her naked in public and will make her transparent as soon as the trial starts.

I think it is good for the case to be judged in the US.  In France DSK, if guilty, would probably not receive the sentence which Americans expect and in Africa any case against a prominent person almost never reach a court.

President Zuma of South Africa was accused of rape charge. The case was declared consensual by the court.
Zuma did not use a condom and the alleged rape victim was HIV positive and the South African court still deemed it consensual sex.
Big deals short circuiting my brain and I am so glad the case is in front of an US court. Only an US court can bring DSK’s ego down to a reasonable level. 




  1. Great post. I cannot understand what kind of Socialist Strauss Khan is. There has to be a new definition for socialism that I do not know of. But one thing,I do not trust European socialists. This very same group abandoned the call for solidarity among workers and went to war against their international working brother and sister during WW I.

    I know they are going to try to destroy this woman.I hope she can handle the heat. You hear all kind of racist statements from, a strong black woman would not allow anyone to rape her; and she is much stronger than an old Jewish man.
    I would advice African American women to stop using that statement of” strong black woman” because most folks here in the United States think they can use it to describe all black women.

    Most black women around the globe do not define themselves in that strange manner.

    I also read, rape is a current thing all over Africa, why is she complaining?Others are saying she consented. Then someone said she is not attractive enough, how could this have happened? This was when no one even knew what she looked like.

    I am convinced that Strauss was notorious for doing this in France to African women.When he saw her as a chambermaid, heard her African accent, he may have felt, it was pretty ok to assault and force himself on her and that no one was ever going to believe this black African woman.

    NY city is not like any other, or similar to other European cities.This is a city where there is no fear of dragging anyone, big or small into a scandal , and forcing them to face the music or their own demons.NY city is a tough city.This is the Naked City.


  2. @The naming of ourselves as “Strong Black Women” is not “strange” at all. Our calling ourselves that speaks to the generations of hatred, malice, oppression, hurt and all the negative things that we have suffered in the U.S., yet we black women are STILL alive! We still exist in this country. So that name is not strange in the least. I would even say that you, yourself Ana, are a strong black woman! (If you define yourself as black) You certainly do not seem to be weak, from what I read in all your answers to so many blog posts. You seem to go toe to toe with anyone in terms of your political knowledge, your articulation of your position, and your no holds barred way of getting your point across. No, my sister, you by no means are weak.
    I would even go farther to say that this victimized “black African woman” is herself a “Strong Black Woman” though many are trying to bring her down to nothing. She’s still in the unenviable position of bringing this rapist DSK down to his knees–causing two countries and the “powerful” against the “weak” to be question themselves–in their own courts of law. So they will try to demonize her for being his victim–she will have to continue to live after all of this is over and he’s acquitted or jailed. She will need to be her version of a “Strong Black Woman” or the world will simply annihilate her.
    The world as it stands has no pity on weak black women. Nor weak white women, weak biracial women or any ethniticy of women. The world as it stands will grind weak women into the dust.
    Women, you better stand up and be counted as Strong. Define what it is and be that. No matter what your race, ethnicity, or whatever way you define yourself.

  3. Patrick, this is another of your posts that speak to clarity. These people in this scenario are just a bunch of self servers. DSK at the top of the heap. If I may be blunt, he (thinks with his ‘little head’) which desires black flesh. Many whites all across the world, desire black flesh, and are schizo about admitting that. The men want black women and the women want black men. This is soooooo taboo to them, that they create all types of lies and falsehoods to cover this up. “Black women are ugly” “black women are stupid” “black women are automatically whores” ” black women deserve all bad things” !!!
    Yet, Patrick, they still seek out black women. I once read a story about the white women who vacation in Kenya seeking black men’s flesh as well! So what do we make of this desire for blackness?
    And as it was for DSK, a double plus! He gets to have that black woman, plus she won’t be able to protest–or so he thought!

    If the white folks would just admit their desires, and just allow it to be OK, then the world would be a better place. But then, how would they justify the oppression of people of color worldwide? Hmmmm….

    But what’s even more disturbing, is when we as black people create dividing lines among ourselves based on European made borders, European created nations, European definitions of blackness, and we bicker and fuel hatred among ourselves–nation to nation, ethnicity to ethnicity, culture to culture. That’s what disturbs me.
    48 to go! 😉

  4. Anna Renee: With all due respect to the author of this blog, I do not want to discuss over here but I will try to clarify my position.
    The Strauss Kahn case is not a matter about sex but of abuse of power.Rape has nothing to do with sex. Rape is hatred against women.

    Regarding the use of strong black woman. I am always amazed at how black Americans believe they are the only ones entitled to interpret things for other people and if we disagree we are not black enough.

    Disagreement does not mean we are enemies.I do not understand the simplistic way to look at the world. We must accept reality. We all share different cultures and worldviews. There is nothing wrong with this. I do not like the idea that we must drop our traditions and beliefs and pretend that we are all Black Americans. This is never fgoing to happen because, first, I cannot stop being Panamanian.

    The ” strong black woman” is a Black American woman’s interpretation of her history and an attempt to export it worldwide to other areas where women and black women reside.
    This cultural imperialist behavior comes from being American, very strange indeed.
    I said clearly that most black women worldwide do not define themselves as strong.You have never thought that some black women may only be interested in being labeled as what they really, and truly are, Women.

    This does not mean they see themselves as weak. I do not view the world as white and black, opposites and similarities. We human beings, especially women, are much more complex than that.

    These are some of the important attributes of power in women:

    Beauty ,Education, Sophistication, Charm and Charisma, Intelligence,Leadership, Social Status, Spirituality and Femininity.
    Just remember many women have at least some of these attributes. Some women have all of these attributes, added with even less important ones.
    Me personally, I prefer being seen as powerful, rather than strong.
    A powerful woman wields more command than one who is perceived as strong.
    Frankly, I only weigh 115 pounds, and no one in their right mind would say that I am a strong person .
    The ability to have opinions and discuss them have nothing to do with being strong.
    Our opinions and political convictions come from our values.
    I do not share any collective memory of pain and suffering with anyone, therefore it is impossible for me to see myself as being strong; but powerful yes.

    Stop assuming that women worldwide want to be seen and considered as strong when they can wield more power with some of the attributes that I have mentioned above.

  5. This case id pure b.s !

    “Fat French Perv vs. Lying Immigrant Whore”…. that’s gonna look soooo good at the Supreme Court :p I say we expel them both out of the USA and to their respective country of origin and problem solved !

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