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Arnold Schwarzenegger, 2003 Cannes film festival

Also known as Conan the Barbarian

Arnold Schwarzenegger has officially announced, over ten years later, a love child with his housekeeper.

I don’t know why any kid is called a love child. Usually a love child is hidden from the other half-brothers and sisters, has a lower life style, limited access to the father and a different family name.

I have never read a plantation owner happily announcing the birth of a love child with his favorite slave.

A love child is a lad or gal shun, ostracized and unwanted by almost everyone except his real mother. A love child always calls for an “I am sorry” from the father. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger said “I understand and deserve the feelings of anger and disappointment among my friends and family. There are no excuses and I take full responsibility for the hurt I have caused. I have apologized to Maria, my children and my family. I am truly sorry.”

Wow! No comfort there for the love child, he is the reason for the apology.

It must be the love child’s fault that Arnold’s strong sperms gave him existence inside his mother’s wombs causing so much stress to his family.

Somehow for  Arnold  to say “I take full responsibility” is a misdemeanor. I have not yet seen paparazzi taking pictures of Arnold together with his love child sharing good times at Disneyland. So where has he taken responsibility for his “illicit” affair.

In the media psychologists, psychiatrists and family philosophers have a field day giving their expert opinion about the situation which the Schwarzenegger family is enduring.

Not one says or is positive about the love child having a relationship with his half sisters and brother, have a big birthday bash at daddy’s house, have his father pick him after school or say that he is almost related to the Kennedy by marriage.

A love child is branded from birth with different rules. He is marginalized from any “normal” family set up.  Society treats him as a clinical case whose presence should be ablated like a malignant tumor.

The love child is a bastard, the child with a different status from his siblings, the one creating debate on simple subjects like “should we buy him a Christmas present.”

Public opinion bullies his privacy by showing picture of his house and of his mother with Arnold at her side.  The media thinks that privacy and respect is not mentioning his name and blurring his facial feature on photos. 

Does that mean that a love child does not attend school, is void of friends and social life? Maybe, it does not matter to these “good” people. They call him love child but cannot stop treating him like a bastard.

So, you know now that I do not think much of Arnold. I do not like the way he has robbed, for the past ten years, his child’s identity.  Anyone deserves to say look this is my father and that’s my mother. Yes, my birth created some family problems but I do exist and do have importance.




The case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the French former International Monetary Fund‘s director, has become media frenzy on two continents. It is the battle of the American legal laws versus the French common laws or the merits of the old British laws versus the Napoleonic codes.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is accused of sexual assault and the US media shows pictures of him with handcuffs, escorted by policemen and in front of the judge. In America an accused person is innocent until declared guilty but paraded with all the paraphernalia of a guilty verdict.

The French media somehow believes that DSK has been framed and with little reverence reveals the alleged victim’s full name, her origin, her family set up, where she lives, her looks and physical attributes.  The plaintiff’s privacy is assaulted before her case is heard.

The US media claims that DSK could receive from 5 to 30 years in prison but a maximum of five years in France.
Interestingly the French media said, that’s doubtful and yet to be proven, that his status would be unscathed by the accusations.

In the French public opinion the plaintiff has questionable credibility; she is black and not any black but African black.
Furthermore, her moral integrity is tainted for being a young single mother raising a teenage child.
In France many people are crossing their fingers hoping the accuser is lying.

The Daily Telegraph stated that Kristin Davis, the Manhattan madam, who provided call girls to the rich and famous, said that DSK was prone to violent outburst and was aggressive with women.
I think that Kristin Davis should be considered an authority on DSK’s character. 

The house-keeper has changed DSK’s life path for ever as well as IMF and the 2012 French presidential election.

DSK, a member of the socialist party, was the favorite candidate to run against President Sarkozy who is member of the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP).

Interesting to know that Harlem Désir, a black man, founder of SOS Racism an organization against racial discrimination, now a European Deputy and the socialist party second in command said that President Sarkozy should intervene in DSK’S liberation in order for him to prepare his defense.

Harlem Désir is absolutely delusional in the understanding of power and justice and, thanks to his comments on DSK problems, makes it less palatable to vote for a party whose leaders lack comprehension of the principles of socialism.

DSK is a big boy who has money, clout, an overgrown ego and a gullible wife to solve his problems.

The house-keeper has the most difficult task. The Media bared her naked in public and will make her transparent as soon as the trial starts.

I think it is good for the case to be judged in the US.  In France DSK, if guilty, would probably not receive the sentence which Americans expect and in Africa any case against a prominent person almost never reach a court.

President Zuma of South Africa was accused of rape charge. The case was declared consensual by the court.
Zuma did not use a condom and the alleged rape victim was HIV positive and the South African court still deemed it consensual sex.
Big deals short circuiting my brain and I am so glad the case is in front of an US court. Only an US court can bring DSK’s ego down to a reasonable level. 



Dennis Rodman

Image via Wikipedia

The Detroit Pistons are retiring Denis Rodman No.10, where he spent 7 seasons out of his 14.

I am a not a sport fan but I do remember Denis Rodman. He was more than a basketball player.

Actually, I did watch a few of his games on TV. Not for the game  of basketball, besides putting a ball in a hoop I don’t even know the rule of the game, but because he was playing. Funny hair styles, tattoos and antics were his persona and somehow I liked his underdog attitude.

However, I know that Dennis Rodman played basketball for 14 seasons.
The average person does not play, they work and the time spent working is calculated in years.
Then they don’t retire your overalls, your tools, or your punch cards. Once you are gone they throw it away or pass it on to someone else.

Actors have roles or parts which they act for a play, movie or series. Series are counted in seasons not years.
Friends, the series, did not last ten years but ten seasons.  The actors had characters or roles to play. They didn’t work but played.
The Actors’ union is called guild. Because calling it union is not glamorous and has less star appeal.
Then you cannot play with a union, you have to work with them. Also, you cannot play in an assembly line.  You still have to work.

Soldiers have a different status. They go on tours to places with exotic names. I knew someone who did two tours in Vietnam. He did not retire.  He got an honorable discharge together with a full disability benefit.
Contracts in the army do not expire, they discharge you. My friend did not receive a pension but a disability benefit. I did not know that it was a benefit to be disabled.
His nickname was June bug and he was born in a small coal mining town in West Virginia. He was a gunner on rescue choppers and he did not play the part. That was his work.
No awards, no Oscars but actors can get one by playing the role of a June Bug in Vietnam then look for another real-life role to play while the real June Bug waits his turn to see a doctor at the Veteran Administration.  

Big executive, the one in Wall Street ripping off people, don’t get bonus they receive compensation awards when they get added responsibilities. The government helps them when they run into trouble.

The policemen or firemen that will come to their house and risk their lives in time of trouble get medals or colorful stickers for their lapels.
They normally don’t receive compensation but salary raise arduously fought by their unions. They don’t play and spend seasons doing their duties. No, they work hard for many years then retire.

I never heard a  police officer having his weapon retired after playing 20 seasons in the police force. No, they take the weapon away.
Policemen are usually removed when they violate under stress brought on by self-righteous idiots, hoodlums or criminals, their terms of employment serving the public.

The government does not bail them out. The police are not a big firm with a glamorous name in a financial district.

Then for the governments and the politicians I still wait for the headlines from the COMMON PEOPLE newspapers that would put a smile on my face:

“This Government has violated our terms and conditions and has been removed.”



Gadaffi and Kenya Vice President.

President Sarkozy of France has redeemed himself by putting into action his lip’s service.  He speared headed a no-fly zone over Libya with the help of Britain and the not so willing USA on tow. The military action has the approval of the UN and the Arab league.

Morality and oil are a bad mix but, for once, the members of the developed world cconcluded that morality and human dignity are more important.

They finally noticed that the world can do without Moammar Gaddafi and his family or anyone showing contempt to their population.

The African union is the only organization who spoke against the military action in Libya and that is for good reasons. 

Africa, saved South Sudan, has 53 countries of which 47 countries belong to the region called sub Sahara.

In sub Sahara 18 countries, 40% of that part of the world, are held by dictators or sons of these dictators and at least 50% by leaders fraudulently elected.

Governments,  in sub Sahara Africa, are very much a family affair. Large government concession and tenders are offered to company owned by relatives, tribesmen or at least cronies. Ambassadorial posts are often awarded to family members.

Everyone knows but the so-called free press cannot mention names due to the strong libel suits in these countries and the vocal members of human rights organizations, for uncovering corruptions, are often threaten, eventually abducted and killed.

In sub Sahara 90% of these leaders are clones, at various degrees, of Gaddafi. The country is theirs source of wealth and fame and they will do anything to hold on to it.

The Vice President of Kenya, Kalonzo Musyoka, is using public fund roaming the world to gather support from international organizations and head of states for a deferral of cases brought by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on six suspects, in majority prominent politicians, for alleged crime against humanity.

The government, contrary to public opinion, wants these men to appear in front of a local tribunal instead of the ICC.

The Wikileaks US diplomatic reports termed Kenya as a swamp of corruption.

The attorney general, Amos Wako, who has a travel ban to the USA, has never prosecuted any case involving prominent politician during his 20 years tenure.

Amos Wako is a very rich man and so is the current Justice Minister, Mutula Kilonzo, who was a lawyer of former president Daniel Arap Moi.

The Kenyan government does not care about the people murdered, maimed or displaced in the midst of their politics. The important is to keep an international outlook conducive to further loot the public coffer and country’s resources. Any success in having the case deferred or taken to a local court would legitimize a slap on the face of the mass and create unprecedented impunity. It is for that reason that international actions like the one imposed on Libya are welcomed.  Kind of late but welcomed in the name of human dignity.

Pre-emptive actions action should be imposed on almost all African Union members. Well, many of their citizens do not agree and prefer a Gaddafi style aggressive approach. Like in Libya they are tired of living and dying at the service of these so-called leaders.

The French embassy in Nairobi must be inundated with messages of compliments. The French Cultural Center will have increase applications for their French language courses. The saviors may speak French.



A chief

Today is the International Women’s Day. I think it is nice to celebrate the gender and its accomplishments and triumphs and be reminded of their inequalities, failures and sorrows.

Men are worse than pigs in some culture and society.  They use women as beast of burden, properties and accumulate them as assets.

Forget the Western world when talking about women; their status is cushiony compared to the underdeveloped world, especially in sub-Sahara Africa.

A member of the Kenyan embassy, in Washington, told me over the phone that a wife is a property. You can take her wherever you go.  She is yours.
Isn’t, owning a human, slavery?

A Kenyan, acquaintance of mine, said that divorce does not exist in Africa.  That’s a misdemeanor, it does exist. Anyway, maybe he knows better since he  married two sisters and they all live together in the same house.
You see the fist wife could not get pregnant, a defective product, so he asks her father to also give him the sister.  That’s not a divorce, a simple exchange and he kept the defective first wife.

In Uganda looking at a woman tilling the land, I asked a man sitting nearby, looking at her, why was he not helping.
I am a businessman.
What type of business?
I sold a chicken last week.

So he sold a chicken in a week but she must till and tend the land the all year. She probably raised the chicken which he sold.

In South Sudan an army man asked me if I have a wife.
Yes I do.
Do you beat your wife?
No I don’t beat my wife, why should I?
You have to beat her once in a while, even if she does not do anything, that’s how they respect you.

Then I understood why women screamed, at nigh, in their tukuls (huts).  The men were teaching respect.
Strange but I met women who expected a beating from their husband.  They are so brainwashed that it is pitiful.

Culture brainwashed them in believing that they have to undergo the cut to be a woman. Genital mutilation is not part of religions it is cultural. Culture concocted by ignorant little old men, called chief or elders, brain farting ideas to show superiority.

Say anything negative about some cultural aspects and they cuss, telling you that Western culture is decadent and evil and that no one has the right to say anything about their way of life.
In that case the Kikuyu tribe may as well continue the cultural ritual killing of twins.  I am sorry Kikuyu twin people, that’s culture, I am just commenting while passing by.

Africa strongest labor forces are women.  In Africa women keep family together. In Africa the men will celebrate the International Women’s Day to have an excuse for more boozing and beat up their wives when coming home.

The NGO comes and give classes, lectures and training for the beaten and abused women.  Rarely do you hear men being trained.  The best NGO provide shelters until an elder brain fart his light bulb accusing the shelters of being against their culture and that they should be removed.

Kissing on the cheeks, hugging, holding hands in public with the opposite sex are septic signs of affection in Africa.
Men take their wife out for special functions.  The more wives the better.  It is a show of virility and wealth.
 A woman has more than one man and she is called a whore.

Success in the International Women’s Day is when you’ll see more men celebrating in sub-Sahara Africa.

Women are fine, it is the mindset of the men which has to be changed and re-molded from their misplaced sense of superiority.  Check the news, who screws up the African continent?



I like Coluche, a French comedian, actor and political activist whose irreverence match my ideal of what a person should be and express.  He died in the prime of his life on 19 June 1986, age 41, from a motorcycle accident. 

Coluche besides being a comedian cared for people.  He is the founder of the “Restos du Coeur” (Restaurants of the Heart) whose organization mainly provides food and small amenities to the needy and the homeless.  Also, he was very political, the ranting type of politic which all of us understand looking at the paradox of our world. 

Some of his quotes are impossible to translate in English.  However, here are a few to put a smile or make you go hmmmmmm!

  • France has the best French politicians in the world!
  • A neutral country is the one which does not sell weapons to a country at war… unless it pays cash.
  • February is the month of the year when politicians say the least stupidity because there is only 28 days.
  • Dictatorship is “shut your mouth”.  Democracy is “keep on talking”.
  • If one day you feel useless and depressed, remember that one day you were the fastest spermatozoon of all.
  • It seems that a preservative is a nice political logo.  It balances inflation, allows expansion, limits overproduction and provides a satisfactory feeling of security.
  • I will admirably caution politicians who take me for a joker that I am not the one who started.
  • Do you know how, in South Africa, we call a black man with a machine gun?
    We call him sir.
  • At end month, the last 30 days are the hardest
  • Everyone has ideas.  The proof is that some are very bad.
  • Some look honest, but when they shake your hand you better count your fingers.
  • Some are tall, some are short! The good height for the legs, is when your feet firmly touch the ground!
  • If you listen to what peopel say: the rich are bad and the poor nice.  Then why is it that everyone wants to be bad.
  • You have a new washing powder, the same brand, which washes whiter that the one that already washed whiter. 
    Consequently, I am afraid to switch washing powder, I am afraid for my cloth to become see through.
  • I have a friend who married for love
    He married a rich woman… he loves money.
  • Artichokes are the real dish of the poor. It is the only dish that when you finish eating, you have more on your plate than when you started.
  • The day shit is worth as much as gold.  The poor will be born without anus.
  • Another advice: Do not drink while driving: you could spill your drink
  • The Russians , on their t-shirt, write CCCP instead of USSR.  The Mexicans thought it was for CouCourouCoucou Paloma !
  • God is like sugar in hot milk.  He is everywhere but you do not see him. The more you look for him the less you find of him.
  • God said  we must share:  The rich will have the food and the poor will have the appetite
  • Politicians invest money in prisons and not in schools, because for  sure they will not go back to school.
  • Gays do not reproduce and yet there are more of them.
  • Bigamy is when you have two wives and monotony is when you have only one.
  • Ladies, an advice: if you are looking for a man who is handsome, rich and intelligent … take three!
  • Long term credit means the less you can pay the more you pay.
  • With prefab house, during all your years of credit you fix what collapse.  After 15 years the ruins belong to you.
  • It is not really my fault if some people are hungry, but it would be my fault if nothing changed
  • It makes people laugh when you poke fun at politic.  However, it is mainly politic who poke fun at us.
  • If their was a tax on stupidity the government will self-finance.
  • It seems that God said their will be tall and short men
    Handsome and ugly men
    White and black men
    All will be equal but that’s not going to be easy.

I trust that my friend Lars will like some of these quotes.



2011 Egypt Revolution Protest Rally Pioneer Sq...

Image by orb9220 via Flickr

I like to hear stories about schmuck.  They are light on the brain and slapstick comedy of a dumb ass doing dumb things. Yep, but that’s where it stops.  It stops when it affects people at large

I listened all nigh long to BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera and TV5 about the developments in Egypt.  At midnight, thriller time, Hosni Mubarak spoke.  Everyone is expecting his resignation as president.

No, the man spoke, spoke and spoke about rubbish.  He spoke about things that no one wants to hear. Autocrat Mubarak will transfer his power to his new vice president, very new since he never had one before, and finish his term in September.

The man is rich and so are his wife and son.  Different sources estimate the family fortune at 40 to 60 billion US dollars.  He has looted the coffer while the majority of the population is poor.  He thinks he is the self-righteous ruler of Egypt and cannot do wrong.

Wrong! His speech is an insult to the mass, he has pissed on the populace who gave him to opportunity to rule, loot while they were beaten up, put in jail and force feed false information by the media which he controlled.
Who cares that he has given 50 years of his life to the country.  Like all dictators he will go down in the gutter of history.

Egypt and Africa are tired of this type of leadership.  People are born and died knowing only one leader.  Actually moronic leadership is the case on the African continent.

Zine El Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia took the road runner escape with his billions.  Africa has 53 countries, one despot gone but 52, maybe 53 as soon as South Sudan becomes a country, need to follow suit.

Revolution needs to go west and east of Africa and finish down south.

It will not work!  Whoopi-doo! Then let all the good people of conscience emigrate out.  Build a wall around the continent and throw the key away. Look for the key when you need to open the door for the ores and let the small overly rich dictators play with each other.
They can copulate and Darwin in a new specie for all I care.  The West has fabricated and supported these dictators so in good conscience they have to accept the population which they ostracized and vilified in the name of “good friendly politic”.

Furthermore, I like Obama’s intelligence.
Easy! Put your hand in a fortune cookie jar, pull one out, crack it, and whatever you read on the piece of paper hidden inside the fortune cookie is the intelligence. I have lost faith in his oratory, that’s what they are, oratories based on words with no content. The man has embarrassed me.

In that case America needs to butt off at any changes wanted by a mass which is not his. Bad or good the mass has to define his destiny.  That’s their right!

Cry latter! Who cares if that’s what they want let them have it.

I don’t give a hoot about the financial indexes and economic reports on Africa, they all hogwash defining how well the 5 to 10 % of the thieves are doing. They make nice reports for the IMF, the donor countries and the magazines telling the investors …. invest, invest, and incest with us. 

So Mubarak is still around probably sourcing a good place to go where no one will freeze his assets.

You know what! Let him go and dive in his cuckoo’s nest.  The crazy houses are full of people living in their bubbles. 

The mass is real.  It lives outside the cuckoo’s nest. They feel and breathe realities.  They have right because they are feeling the pains and sorrow inflicted by these schmuck leaders.

My shoe is ready!




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