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The case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the French former International Monetary Fund‘s director, has become media frenzy on two continents. It is the battle of the American legal laws versus the French common laws or the merits of the old British laws versus the Napoleonic codes.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is accused of sexual assault and the US media shows pictures of him with handcuffs, escorted by policemen and in front of the judge. In America an accused person is innocent until declared guilty but paraded with all the paraphernalia of a guilty verdict.

The French media somehow believes that DSK has been framed and with little reverence reveals the alleged victim’s full name, her origin, her family set up, where she lives, her looks and physical attributes.  The plaintiff’s privacy is assaulted before her case is heard.

The US media claims that DSK could receive from 5 to 30 years in prison but a maximum of five years in France.
Interestingly the French media said, that’s doubtful and yet to be proven, that his status would be unscathed by the accusations.

In the French public opinion the plaintiff has questionable credibility; she is black and not any black but African black.
Furthermore, her moral integrity is tainted for being a young single mother raising a teenage child.
In France many people are crossing their fingers hoping the accuser is lying.

The Daily Telegraph stated that Kristin Davis, the Manhattan madam, who provided call girls to the rich and famous, said that DSK was prone to violent outburst and was aggressive with women.
I think that Kristin Davis should be considered an authority on DSK’s character. 

The house-keeper has changed DSK’s life path for ever as well as IMF and the 2012 French presidential election.

DSK, a member of the socialist party, was the favorite candidate to run against President Sarkozy who is member of the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP).

Interesting to know that Harlem Désir, a black man, founder of SOS Racism an organization against racial discrimination, now a European Deputy and the socialist party second in command said that President Sarkozy should intervene in DSK’S liberation in order for him to prepare his defense.

Harlem Désir is absolutely delusional in the understanding of power and justice and, thanks to his comments on DSK problems, makes it less palatable to vote for a party whose leaders lack comprehension of the principles of socialism.

DSK is a big boy who has money, clout, an overgrown ego and a gullible wife to solve his problems.

The house-keeper has the most difficult task. The Media bared her naked in public and will make her transparent as soon as the trial starts.

I think it is good for the case to be judged in the US.  In France DSK, if guilty, would probably not receive the sentence which Americans expect and in Africa any case against a prominent person almost never reach a court.

President Zuma of South Africa was accused of rape charge. The case was declared consensual by the court.
Zuma did not use a condom and the alleged rape victim was HIV positive and the South African court still deemed it consensual sex.
Big deals short circuiting my brain and I am so glad the case is in front of an US court. Only an US court can bring DSK’s ego down to a reasonable level. 




Slum Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kibera Slum in Nairobi, Kenya

Today, Easter, the Kenyan police issued a terror alert. It seems that al-Shabaab is threatening an attack on some public places. It is nice for the Kenyan police to tell the mass. Usually,  they protect only the rich and affluents.

Being Kenyan is not a happy moment.  According to statistic they are most unhappy and adding salt to the wounds they have extra judicial killers roaming the streets, politicians accused of crime against humanity and now, again, al-Shabaab.

I don’t understand why the Kenyan government is increasing its tourism propaganda. Yes, it is nice seeing animals roaming freely in their natural habitats but animals have a better chance of surviving a drought than tourists looking at a grenade in a crowded bar of Nairobi.

The price of fuel and foods has gone up the roof.  The president stuttered a nice Easter speech, his lips move faster than his words, by assuring that all Kenyans, even the ‘most vulnerable in society”, will be protected from high cost of living and hunger.

Of course, he blames others for these problems.  The manipulative members of parliament and their staff, which are the source of almost all grand scale corruptions hence in part responsible of the high cost of living, are arguing and calling each other kettle black.
The president is an innocent man. His innocence won him a rigged election.

It is official; the prime minister will run for presidential elections. He announced it in California, not the California estate  in Nairobi but the one in the USA.  He said it at a private venue for sickle-cell anemia in Malibu, not the drink but the city,  and instantly his candidacy received an international dimension.  Sickle-cell anemia damages certain human organs as well as the brain.

The Easter beach party in Mombasa, due to terror alert, stopped at 6 pm.  The country with its citizen and tourist was held hostage by a Kenyan intelligence still trying to figure out who are the drug dealers in their government after The US ambassador to Kenya gave them all the information.

Then an educated man wrote in a newspaper that the market will slow down for Easter.
Hello, how much business can one do when everything is close, under a looming treat of terrorist attack and everyone is asked to vacate the beaches after 6 pm?
People like to write about the obvious so the gullible mass can call them guru.  

The Nairobi metropolitan minister is looking for 10 billions Kenyan shillings to refurbish the sewage system.  The slums have no sewage and he wants a ban on slum tourism .
Praise to the tourism ministry, they have done a good job highlighting the plight of the poor in the slum areas. Perhaps, the poor will witness the slow death of the flying toilets.

Talking about infrastructure the water management should do something too. A baby’s bladder exhort more pressure than the water coming from the city pipes. Most household have to use water pumps to lift the precious liquid.
Water pump use electricity which is, like water, so precious in Kenya that you can wait days for it.

Tourists with dialysis portable machine are advised to visit Kenya with their own generator, a flash light and jerrycan.

Happy Easter.



Gadaffi and Kenya Vice President.

President Sarkozy of France has redeemed himself by putting into action his lip’s service.  He speared headed a no-fly zone over Libya with the help of Britain and the not so willing USA on tow. The military action has the approval of the UN and the Arab league.

Morality and oil are a bad mix but, for once, the members of the developed world cconcluded that morality and human dignity are more important.

They finally noticed that the world can do without Moammar Gaddafi and his family or anyone showing contempt to their population.

The African union is the only organization who spoke against the military action in Libya and that is for good reasons. 

Africa, saved South Sudan, has 53 countries of which 47 countries belong to the region called sub Sahara.

In sub Sahara 18 countries, 40% of that part of the world, are held by dictators or sons of these dictators and at least 50% by leaders fraudulently elected.

Governments,  in sub Sahara Africa, are very much a family affair. Large government concession and tenders are offered to company owned by relatives, tribesmen or at least cronies. Ambassadorial posts are often awarded to family members.

Everyone knows but the so-called free press cannot mention names due to the strong libel suits in these countries and the vocal members of human rights organizations, for uncovering corruptions, are often threaten, eventually abducted and killed.

In sub Sahara 90% of these leaders are clones, at various degrees, of Gaddafi. The country is theirs source of wealth and fame and they will do anything to hold on to it.

The Vice President of Kenya, Kalonzo Musyoka, is using public fund roaming the world to gather support from international organizations and head of states for a deferral of cases brought by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on six suspects, in majority prominent politicians, for alleged crime against humanity.

The government, contrary to public opinion, wants these men to appear in front of a local tribunal instead of the ICC.

The Wikileaks US diplomatic reports termed Kenya as a swamp of corruption.

The attorney general, Amos Wako, who has a travel ban to the USA, has never prosecuted any case involving prominent politician during his 20 years tenure.

Amos Wako is a very rich man and so is the current Justice Minister, Mutula Kilonzo, who was a lawyer of former president Daniel Arap Moi.

The Kenyan government does not care about the people murdered, maimed or displaced in the midst of their politics. The important is to keep an international outlook conducive to further loot the public coffer and country’s resources. Any success in having the case deferred or taken to a local court would legitimize a slap on the face of the mass and create unprecedented impunity. It is for that reason that international actions like the one imposed on Libya are welcomed.  Kind of late but welcomed in the name of human dignity.

Pre-emptive actions action should be imposed on almost all African Union members. Well, many of their citizens do not agree and prefer a Gaddafi style aggressive approach. Like in Libya they are tired of living and dying at the service of these so-called leaders.

The French embassy in Nairobi must be inundated with messages of compliments. The French Cultural Center will have increase applications for their French language courses. The saviors may speak French.



In light of the events in Tunisia, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Somalia, Kenya, Madagascar, RDC, Libya and many more in Africa an institutions that should be boycotted and toppled down to the ground is the African Union.  The embarrassing Ali Baba gang of 53 thieves is useless in solving any or all the conflicts in Africa or finding any unifying consensus. The members of the AU are a collection of greedy beggars, vicious dictators, few blanket covered royals, fraudulently elected presidents who think of their country as a personal coffer.

These leaders are impotent of honesty and accountability.  The world does not need this smorgasbord of unpalatable sadistic buffoons scurrying out their citizen to better shores for dignity and opportunities.

There is nothing on the country profile of the member states on the AU official website.  The AU members stole the good reading and left the area codes of their country. No forwarding number, only a country code.

The constitution act of the African Union, when last checked, is only available in French and is 22 pages long including the cover and the blank spaces.

The reading is a list of vague articles which all the members have broken at least once.
The most interesting is Article 3(e), (f) and (g) mentioning that members should:

  • Follow the UN charters and the Universal declaration of human rights
  • Promulgate peace, security and stability of the continent
  • Promulgate the democratic institutions, popular participation and good governance.

Article 18 about the African Court of Justice is 2 articles, of 2 ½ lines in total, referring to another document of 20 pages making a garbage dump more exciting.

Toppling down this useless institution would save lives, time and money and send a message to the continent that all these leaders are unwanted.

What to do with these Ali Babas?
Wait for the next reunion of the AU and fast, while they go to sleep listening to Mad Bob Mugabe’s speech, cut off all means of communication, social networks and confiscate mobile phones, lap tops and the gold fountain pens.

Call all the mercenaries listed in their address books.

Mercenaries’ mission: To cordon off the AU headquarter and make sure that no one comes out.

Freeze all their bank accounts including the sons, daughters, wives and mistresses.

The punishment for any escapee will be to legibly write, with no spelling mistakes, the location of their hidden assets while standing up on the back of a pick truck going 100 miles an hour on a dirt road.  The recidivists shall be chained to their bed like some patients are in several of these countries.

Provide each prisoner with colorful prison uniforms with medals for years in office and the number of the AU constitution articles not respected.

The only luxury they can have is black hair dye and flying toilets. Designers’ sunglasses and hats are not allowed.

Any uprising shall be broken up by throwing at them shoes, tear gas and shooting not so rubber bullets.  Then write letters, lots of letters, providing the idea that their concerns have been heard and that something shall be done.

Distribute a copies of all the UN communications and friendly, by interest, countries press releases to give them hope.

Let’s wait, it should work!



The tiny kingdom of Bahrain is feeling the ripple effect of Tunisia and Egypt. King, Shaikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa apologized for two deaths which occurred in the capital Manama during a demonstration.  Recently, at dawn, his police force shot and threw tear gas at protestors peacefully resting in tents at Pearl Square.  So far three more demonstrators have died and hundreds are filling the hospitals with serious injuries.

Which other apology can the king offer now? He sits on a throne advocating the three “unwise” monkeys’ policy; see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. 

He lives in a palace and is oblivious to the mass. He lives with four wives, innumerable children and one of his favorite hobbies is falconry. Anyone still playing with falcons is disconnected with the modern world.

He has a son, Sheikh Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa, whose only fame is to elbow the worthy and talented in the hope that some of the glitters will rub on him. At one time he attempted a join venture as a song writer with Michael Jackson.

Prime Minister, Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, has been in power for almost 40 years and is the richest of the royal family.  80% of the Bahrain cabinet members are from the royal family and Sunni Muslims while the majority of the population is Shiites.  Considering that Bahrain is an island with less than 2 millions people, assumingly the royal family, after a while, will have to self–pollinate in order to stay in power.

Bahrain is not a poor country and the young and educated demonstrators’ requests are for jobs, housing, freeing of political prisoners and better representation of the Shiites Muslims in the government, all simple requests summing up dignity and recognition.

America will go in wild directions with words of cautious considering they have vested political and strategic interest in the region and a large military base in Juffair.

The ruling class in the Middle East and Africa is disconnected with the people it governs.  

They ostracized the have-not which provides them so much wealth. The Lotus revolution has touched mainly the Arab world.

Sub-Sahara Africa as loads of Mubarak and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and his saturated with more authoritarian and cruel despots like Mad Bob Mugabe, Brother Leader al-Kaddafi and Lion man Paul Biya (from Cameroon).

Many in sub-Sahara are looking at the situation in the Arab world hoping the revolution of change comes down their way.  They have dire problems of political freedom, unemployment, corruptions high, food cost, and one party system.  It could happen but it will be difficult because:

  • Africa does not matter to the world. 
  • Africans are difficult to unite. They are all divided among ethnic lines.
  • Africans do not look for the common good but the interest of the common tribe.
  • African leaders are not scared of the USA and democracy.  They get their bullets from China.
  • African leaders will use extreme force to massacre, rape and displace their people.
  • Africans have short memories and will sell their vote for a bag of maize to reëlect autocrat leaders who keep them in poverty.

Notice the African Union is thunderstruck about the chain of events.  They cannot talk because all its members, who are holding hostage a continent, are busy devising “democratic” ways to rig elections and change constitutions.

Somehow, it has to change.



The African Union is having fun.  At their first meeting they played musical chair and  President Teodoro Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea, won to represent the illustrious organization which promotes “building a partnership between governments and all segments of civil society, in particular women, youth and the private sector, in a bid to strengthen solidarity and cohesion among the people of Africa.” 

President Teodoro Obiang Nguema is a long serving tyrannical-kleptomaniac dictator.  The type the Tunisian mass kicked out with the Jasmine revolution. Egypt is in the process of doing the same with President Mubarak and the world is confident that human dignity will prevail.

President Teodoro Obiang Nguema of Equatorial Guinea is among the worst offender of human rights in Africa. His name and presidency is stamped in everything which is wrong and against agreed international human rights in this tiny rich oil-producing country.

He took over Equatorial Guinea presidency from Francisco Macías Nguema, an equally savage and murderous dictator, via a coup d’état in 1979. He changed the constitution in 1982 and was continuously reelected since.  Of course, each time elected with blatant fraudulent corruption. 

He was a good client of the defunct Riggs bank in the USA and owns expensive real-estate in the USA and France. 
Question:          In which multi party country a president is elected with almost 100% of the votes?
Answer:            Equatorial Guinea, of course!

The issue of Tunisia and Egypt will make nice dossiers, agenda, press releases and memoranda to insert in colorful jacket which delegates will carry under their arms to insinuate hard work. That looks good when the press clicks photographs.
Question:          Why the African Unity is not aggressively tackling Tunisia and Egypt issues?
Answer:            Jean Ping, AU Commission chairperson, was so overwhelmed by the speed of the events that he could not find time to put it on his agenda. The insert key does not exist on his computer.

However, the AU foreign minister will find time to include the case voiced by Kenya to have the perpetrators of the violence that followed the 2007 polls transferred to the Kenyan local courts.
Question:          Why does Kenya wants to try the ICC cases in their local court?
Answer:            The perilous political road to wealth is also a card for impunity.

The Ivory Coast saga, with two presidents, is on the AU agenda because the world is looking at their negotiating skills.
Question:          Why the AU receives little coverage in the foreign media?
Answer:            The foreign media ran out of bad reviews.




Africa is in crisis and the African Unity (AU) is doing as usual … not much!

The leaders or representatives of the 53 African Nations are aloof but at ease among governments legitimized by blood or at the end of a Kalashnikov instead of the urns.

The 16th meeting of the AU in Addis Ababa is a nice well deserved trip to showcase misplaced power.

Shopping in Ethiopia is not so great as in Europe or in the US during the General Assemble but the wives of the entourage have good contacts.

The African leaders and delegates sleep at meetings, look at their gold watch and think at which night clubs they will relax in the evening. How much will it cost for the favors of a beautiful Ethiopian girl.
Maybe they can import a local sweet heart to stay with them at the Hilton Addis Ababa.

They compare each others latest fashion and diamonds jewelry while Africa quivers. 

A few leaders are networking for havens in the event of a quick escape due to a coup d’état or a send off by the mass.

They murmur names of offshore banks, shadow companies and other tricks to stash the loot stolen from government coffers.

They wait the company of their friend from France, president Sarkozy, and maybe good words from the USA which support their dictatorship as long as they provided the ores and minerals. It is a bit simpler for them since China asks fewer questions and still provides the revenues but France has such nice real estate.

The question of South Sudan and Darfur are nice press releases attached to agendas. They palaver the Ivory Coast crisis and lament on how to save their brother and friend Laurent Gbagbo from the electoral impasse spoiled by Alassane Ouattara.

They censure comments on the jasmine revolution in Tunisia and the chaos in Egypt and Somalia. They vilify concerns of the mass on issues about life, poverty, hunger, bread,  survival and blame the high price of food on the lack of rain.

Most of the regimes which they represent are undemocratic so the Kenya case with ICC concerns them a little.  They questions: “will we be going down the same road if it happens to us?”, “have you ever see the inside of a jail at The Hague?” and “Charles Taylor seems to adapt well, he still eats Jollof rice and sweet potato pone.”

They complain about the snooping of the Western media into their fortune with “we are sovereign countries and it is none of their business what we have or not.”

They compare notes on how to change a constitution to stay longer in power, pilfer diamonds without being caught, launder money donated by the benevolent international organizations, cut off social networks in case of crisis, muzzle critical bloggers and the subtle ways to permanently gag human right advocates.

The African leaders look at the mass with contempt, up root their dignity and cut off they larynx.  

No one knows what will be the final outcome of the crisis in Tunisia, Egypt and maybe, latter on, Yemen, Morocco and why not Iran.  A solidarity movement is here and speaks in one voice.

The streets chant the word of Tunisian poet Abu al-Qasim al-Shabi:  “When people decide to live, destiny shall obey, and one day … the slavery chains must be broken.”