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The case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the French former International Monetary Fund‘s director, has become media frenzy on two continents. It is the battle of the American legal laws versus the French common laws or the merits of the old British laws versus the Napoleonic codes.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn is accused of sexual assault and the US media shows pictures of him with handcuffs, escorted by policemen and in front of the judge. In America an accused person is innocent until declared guilty but paraded with all the paraphernalia of a guilty verdict.

The French media somehow believes that DSK has been framed and with little reverence reveals the alleged victim’s full name, her origin, her family set up, where she lives, her looks and physical attributes.  The plaintiff’s privacy is assaulted before her case is heard.

The US media claims that DSK could receive from 5 to 30 years in prison but a maximum of five years in France.
Interestingly the French media said, that’s doubtful and yet to be proven, that his status would be unscathed by the accusations.

In the French public opinion the plaintiff has questionable credibility; she is black and not any black but African black.
Furthermore, her moral integrity is tainted for being a young single mother raising a teenage child.
In France many people are crossing their fingers hoping the accuser is lying.

The Daily Telegraph stated that Kristin Davis, the Manhattan madam, who provided call girls to the rich and famous, said that DSK was prone to violent outburst and was aggressive with women.
I think that Kristin Davis should be considered an authority on DSK’s character. 

The house-keeper has changed DSK’s life path for ever as well as IMF and the 2012 French presidential election.

DSK, a member of the socialist party, was the favorite candidate to run against President Sarkozy who is member of the Union for a Popular Movement (UMP).

Interesting to know that Harlem Désir, a black man, founder of SOS Racism an organization against racial discrimination, now a European Deputy and the socialist party second in command said that President Sarkozy should intervene in DSK’S liberation in order for him to prepare his defense.

Harlem Désir is absolutely delusional in the understanding of power and justice and, thanks to his comments on DSK problems, makes it less palatable to vote for a party whose leaders lack comprehension of the principles of socialism.

DSK is a big boy who has money, clout, an overgrown ego and a gullible wife to solve his problems.

The house-keeper has the most difficult task. The Media bared her naked in public and will make her transparent as soon as the trial starts.

I think it is good for the case to be judged in the US.  In France DSK, if guilty, would probably not receive the sentence which Americans expect and in Africa any case against a prominent person almost never reach a court.

President Zuma of South Africa was accused of rape charge. The case was declared consensual by the court.
Zuma did not use a condom and the alleged rape victim was HIV positive and the South African court still deemed it consensual sex.
Big deals short circuiting my brain and I am so glad the case is in front of an US court. Only an US court can bring DSK’s ego down to a reasonable level. 




Gadaffi and Kenya Vice President.

President Sarkozy of France has redeemed himself by putting into action his lip’s service.  He speared headed a no-fly zone over Libya with the help of Britain and the not so willing USA on tow. The military action has the approval of the UN and the Arab league.

Morality and oil are a bad mix but, for once, the members of the developed world cconcluded that morality and human dignity are more important.

They finally noticed that the world can do without Moammar Gaddafi and his family or anyone showing contempt to their population.

The African union is the only organization who spoke against the military action in Libya and that is for good reasons. 

Africa, saved South Sudan, has 53 countries of which 47 countries belong to the region called sub Sahara.

In sub Sahara 18 countries, 40% of that part of the world, are held by dictators or sons of these dictators and at least 50% by leaders fraudulently elected.

Governments,  in sub Sahara Africa, are very much a family affair. Large government concession and tenders are offered to company owned by relatives, tribesmen or at least cronies. Ambassadorial posts are often awarded to family members.

Everyone knows but the so-called free press cannot mention names due to the strong libel suits in these countries and the vocal members of human rights organizations, for uncovering corruptions, are often threaten, eventually abducted and killed.

In sub Sahara 90% of these leaders are clones, at various degrees, of Gaddafi. The country is theirs source of wealth and fame and they will do anything to hold on to it.

The Vice President of Kenya, Kalonzo Musyoka, is using public fund roaming the world to gather support from international organizations and head of states for a deferral of cases brought by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on six suspects, in majority prominent politicians, for alleged crime against humanity.

The government, contrary to public opinion, wants these men to appear in front of a local tribunal instead of the ICC.

The Wikileaks US diplomatic reports termed Kenya as a swamp of corruption.

The attorney general, Amos Wako, who has a travel ban to the USA, has never prosecuted any case involving prominent politician during his 20 years tenure.

Amos Wako is a very rich man and so is the current Justice Minister, Mutula Kilonzo, who was a lawyer of former president Daniel Arap Moi.

The Kenyan government does not care about the people murdered, maimed or displaced in the midst of their politics. The important is to keep an international outlook conducive to further loot the public coffer and country’s resources. Any success in having the case deferred or taken to a local court would legitimize a slap on the face of the mass and create unprecedented impunity. It is for that reason that international actions like the one imposed on Libya are welcomed.  Kind of late but welcomed in the name of human dignity.

Pre-emptive actions action should be imposed on almost all African Union members. Well, many of their citizens do not agree and prefer a Gaddafi style aggressive approach. Like in Libya they are tired of living and dying at the service of these so-called leaders.

The French embassy in Nairobi must be inundated with messages of compliments. The French Cultural Center will have increase applications for their French language courses. The saviors may speak French.



The blog “Vuga!” provides interesting age statistic of first world leaders versus African leaders. The average age of African leaders is 76 compared to 51 for the first world, a gap of 25 years.

It is interesting to know that 86 years old Robert Mugabe, omnipotent president of Zimbabwe, an educated man with more than 6 university degrees was able from the onset to run down Zimbabwe’s budding economy. He is educated but unable to make logical and common sense decisions.

David Cameron, age 43, the UK prime minister has only one degree, definitely less than six, is trusted to govern one of the biggest economic power house in the world. He has a smaller collection of degrees than Mugabe but learned at a young age that the definition of moron is Mugabe.

Assuming that both leaders were care salesman. From whom would you buy a used car?  
It is assumed that most of the answers will be in favor of David Cameron.

Some people would even buy a used car from belligerent Nicolas Sarkozy, age 55, of France.
He may try to sell you a lemon but common sense, when caught, will force him to offer at least a large discount or a refund.

The African leaders, with their years of imposed governance have been unable to absorb new information, produce new ideas and concept through critical thinking.

Soon some African countries will experience famine due to drought.  It is a yearly problem which has gone on for decennia if not more.  Usually a network of transport infrastructure easily solves or greatly alleviates the problem.

In Africa the leaders grey matter works by informing the nation that a drought is coming.  People start dying of hunger, picture of animal carcasses are plastered on the news then donor communities are kindly requested money for support.
Mind you that it happens in countries exporting flowers, beef, fruits and vegetables to other part of the world.
These leaders critical thinking does not go beyond receiving a fish. The idea of fishing for themselves is foreign.

President Barrack Obama, 48, articulates profound ad libitum speeches raising emotions to its highest level. President Kibaki, 71, of Kenya mumbles written speeches plunging crowd in the deepest sleep. Rumor is that Kibaki has its own translator to understand what he says.

The paradox is that Africa is the world youngest continent with an estimated 65% of population being under the age of 30.

People, so far, have been unable to find the bush where these septuagenarian hides. It is worrying since, elections after elections, they always spring as candidates out of nowhere.

Not all is bad though.  I am sure someone would buy a used car from 75 years old Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia.



Rachida Dati on 23 april 2007.

Rachida Dati

According to Freud, in Wikipedia, a lapsus or slip of the tongue is a missed deed that hides an unconscious desire.
It is plausible and wonders if that’s recently the case with French politicians.

Brice Hortefeux, the Interior Minister, used the word “genital print” instead of genetic print.
Hortefeux is lapsus happy.In Mali, for their 50 years of independence, he called on President Sékou Touré.
Mali was offended; Sékou Touré who died in March 1984 was a tyrant who killed thousands of people under his regime.
Their president’s name is Amadou Toumani Touré. The real Sékou Touré is still laughing in his grave.

Luc Chatel, in an interview, explained his difficulties as Prime Minister.  All Prime Minister have problems.
However, Luc Chatel is the French Minister for Education.
At least he noticed, made the correction, then continued with his portfolio on education.

The lapsus which is the topic of all Paris conversation is from Rachida Dati, former Justice Minister, who stated that “some are requesting a rate of return of 20% with an almost non-existent fellatio.”  Of course, her mind was about inflation but her mouth is into fellatio.
Libidinous, yes but things happen!
That’s France, the country of French kisses and ménage à trois.
During Sarkozy campaign she said “Sarkozy wishes to be the boss… euh…the president of France”.
It was revealing, with so many strikes in his hands, and trust that Sarkozy realized that French cannot be bossed.

One of my favorite is from Deputy Robert-André Vivien during a discussion on a forthcoming pornographic law.
He invited his colleague to “harden their sex” instead of hardening their text (proposal).
I understand, it could have been Viagra’s side effect.

Recently, Bernard Accoyer, president of the National Assembly, welcomed the president of the Parliamentary Assembly of the European Council, with a loud « Mevlüt Ceausescu ».
The man is Turk, his name is Mevlüt Cavusoglu.
Ceausescu, first name Nicolae, is a former Romanian Dictator. He was executed, together with his wife, on Christmas day.

Anyway, good advice, do not travel to France now; rampant demonstrations, transports and fuel is scarce and some schools are closed due to the chaos.
For tourism it may stress you as much as the politicians.

I was there, in Paris, during the massive demonstrations which paralyzed France in May 1968.  I enjoyed not going to school, watching barricades, people throwing cobble stones at policemen and policemen running after demonstrators.
Then my grand mother ordered me to stay home. It was nice, for the first time I spend weeks watching TV without any restrictions.