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Osama Bin Laden Warholl Style

Image by Anxo Resúa via Flickr

Osama bin Laden has been eliminated and the Muslim extremist world is kind of mute at the news. They are exalting muted sadness or happiness while thinking about the next move telling the world that Osama is gone but his spirit lives on.

The world is full of tit and tat, ping and pong, yin and yang, pro and con that a bang-bang on symbols, icons or people going along their daily business must happen.

Bang-bang is the order of extreme terrorism when pagans do not heed to prescribe religious belief and books telling who to hate or discriminate. 

The Muslim clerics complained that a burial at sea was not satisfactory, Osama was shot while unarmed and Pakistan should have been informed of the “unauthorized” unilateral action.  Indonesia Islamists declared Osama a martyr.

Anyway, yes, American should have informed Pakistan to give Osama proper warning.  After all, Osama bin Laden was Pakistan bread and butter.
What will happen to Pakistan when the generous donations from America to combat terrorism stop coming?

Obama has suddenly become, even among birthers, more American in his country.
However, a few prominent personalities find it difficult to credit Obama.  Sarah Palin, a wannabe republican presidential candidate who recently acquired a passport to visit her geography, credited Bush of the ground work for catching Osama bin Laden.

Bush ground work was based on allegoric intelligence. Bush, after 9/11, destroyed Iraq, caused mayhem in the poppy fields of Afghanistan while Osama was in Pakistan.

Taliban infested Afghanistan has been vindicated. Tears ridden president Karzai for years told America that bin Laden was not hiding in the caves of the rocky mountains of Afghanistan.

Then others, the one you must listen to in order not to be labeled a moron by the politico, are looking into strategic mistakes made by the Obama administration. They analyze what should or could have been done, in which order and if waterboarding was used to illegally get Osama’s address.

For some Osama’s death without a body as evidence is not valid.  It is beyond their comprehension and speculation and conspiracy will soon start coming.

It is madness, who cares about the body since Osama was only an audiotape figure attached to fading color pictures of him from the Kodak roll film era.

Some will create tantrums to see the gruesome picture of Osama’s head pierced by a bullet.  Others will create counter-tantrum for the pictures not to be available.

Muslims extremists jump on high horses when a cartoonist caricatures their prophet. Pictures of Osama may cause the same effect.

Well, a worthy fact is that Osama was fond of Coca Cola and Pepsi. They found lots of empty soda cans in his hideaway. He probably drank the American liquid formula straight from the can and with a straw as not to soil his beard.

When the World Trade Center twin towers blew up lots of Muslim countries chanted death to the Americans and lots of praise for Osama.

It will still be difficult time ahead for the Muslim of Dearborn, Michigan. You cannot rejoice at the killing of your own even if you did not agree with his ideology.

Religion always comes before patriotism and Osama represented religious ideology within a political context or vice versa and that depends if you look at a glass half empty or full.

I think I have an idea where Gaddafi stays, his body can be dumped at sea.

Is that too much of a request?




Donald Trump enters the Oscar De LA Renta Fash...

Donald Trump

The birthers are quite annoying and, let’s face it, racist.  If Obama was white, no one would say anything.  They would have accepted whatever said, presented, signed, sealed and delivered about his place of origin.

Obama is an American, born in an American hospital, in Hawaii an overseas state of the US and from an American born mother and a useless Kenyan father.

Having a useless Kenyan father is to Obama’s advantage since he cannot be accused of running the country with an African leadership baggage and politicians cannot compare his policies with the almost failed state of Kenya.

When Obama visited the land of his father, the Kenyan government spokesman, Alfred Mutua, arrogantly dismissed Obama as a junior Senator from Illinois.

When Obama was elected president the Kenyan media speculated the benefits which Kenya may or not receive and suddenly all the Luos, Obama father’s tribe, shared family lineage with him and dreamt of the moneys coming their way.

The Kenyan government saw their country as a prime destination for black Americans wanting to visit the ancestral birth place of the first African-American president.

It did not work and Obama never gave preferential status to Kenya.

Obama is from a dysfunctional family but then who is not. He has beaten all odds by being elected the leader of the most powerful nation in earth and that’s an achievement.

All birthers suffer from cognitive dissonance.  It is against their understanding to have a president whose mother is white American and the father an African.

Obama thinks white, acts white and the poor lad, to add to the confusion, has been tagged with a Muslim name.

Now, it would be another story if someone would look into his religious belief but then the American constitution does not say that you must be  protestant to be an American president.

Personally, I believe that he has a great understanding of the Muslim and Christian faith and as long as he governs the country in a secular way that’s fine with me.

Obama is probably the only president which has been negatively caricatured and commented solely on his race. 

Obama is not the only president with at least a parent born outside the USA.  Thomas Jefferson, James Buchanan, Chester Arthur, Woodrow Wilson and Herbert Hoover had a parent born outside the USA.

Both of Andrew Jackson’s parents were born in Ireland and he married Rachel Donelson Robards before she divorced her first husband.  Let’s call it accidental bigamy.

Donald Trump and Sarah Palin are birthers looking for fame.

Then, thinking about it, isn’t Palin the one comfortable shooting brown deer in gleaming white snow. I am sure she would like to aim at Obama on a white background.

If America wants to sample a Donald Trump presidency then look no further, cross the Atlantic and see what Silvio Berlusconi has done to Italy. These two guys are quite similar even with their hair obsession.

It is madness to vote for a birther.  Simple, their underlying sentiments show their inability to represent all Americans.



After 3 weeks in the US, I still acquaint with their politic. Not hard to understand.  The prominent parties are the Democrat and the Republican.

The Democratic Party favors the mass and the underdog. The Republican Party believes that only the strongest should survive.

Then politicians belonging to any party can lean left or right. Left emphasizes your mother’s ideas (liberal) of what a family should be. The Right (conservative) your father’s ideas on what you should do once you leave the family.

Also, they have caucuses. Like minded people forming group representing their common interest. You have Black caucus, Hispanic caucus and others which are not only based on races but ideas, issues or principles.

Both parties had triumphs and agonies. The Democratic most recent triumph is electing a Black man as president and the Republican getting a massive gain in the mid-term election.

In America partisans are another phenomenon. Partisans are self-righteous obnoxious non-thinkers believing their party can do no wrong. Truth is distorted and lies believed without compromise.

Partisans have their own propaganda; MSNBC news for the Democrats and Fox news for Republicans.

Believe me, both TV channels are an overload of political junk food of misinformation to the delight of partisans.

Republicans are very strong in partisan politic. They listen to show hosted by Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Lee Beck and Sarah Palin.

These motor mouths are obnoxious since America has a Black president.  The innuendos based on race are rife, borderline indecent, wicked subtle connotations that only white are Americans with the supreme know how to govern.

Rush Limbaugh last antics is a graffiti of Obama on Mount Rushmore, Glenn Beck believes the president does not like white people and Sarah Palin on Obama during her vice presidential campaign; “This is not a man who sees America like you and I see America”.

Sarah Palin’s family is a mix lot of homophobic and untalented daughters pushed to the limelight due to their mother’s participation in politic and the famous Tea Party movement.

Hold on! Is the tea party racist? No it’s not if you are white, Christian and did not go to government schools.  They have nice ways to show discontent to opponents by spitting on them and heckling them nigger or faggot. Isn’t somehow reminiscent of the KKK era?

Sarah Palin said she has a chance to beat Obama for the presidential election in 2012. Can you believe a woman who spells repudiate “refudiate”, does not remembers the newspaper she reads (probably none), her foreign policy experience is seeing Russian from Alaska, use ghost writers for her books and supports abstinence-before-marriage. Her teenage daughter Bristol got pregnant at 16 and is still single.

“Yes, there will be a new sheriff in town” and that’s what the new congress member and Tea Party leader Michele Bachmann said.

If the sheriff gets her way together with the conservative Republicans and their single-minded partisans … think about it … re-read your Jim Crow laws and get along with the program.

Is it the way of the white folks?



The Tea Party has invaded “Dancing with the stars”.  Can you believe, Brandy the singer, a star who stretches her legs to the sky lost against Bristol Palin.

Yes, Bristol one of Sarah Palin’s brood who collected for being a disaster, a row of lowest dancing scores from the judges, won. Thanks to mommy’s Tea Party internet friends

No, it is not the people choices since one can vote as many times as they want.  The conservative tea-pot heads spend their time cyber-voting, ensuring that Miss Bristol pudgy Palin wins. A stress man got so irate that he shot his TV with a rifle when he heard she had been voted in the final.

I don’t know for whom the Tea Party poopers voted for. They are confused, DWTS is a show about dancing skills and has nothing to do with politic.

Sarah Palin was not in it.  No! It was her daughter the ham-hock thick legged, can’t move an inch, no rhythm and Alaska cold ice Bristol Palin.

The tea party has politicized DWTS and that’s the type of brew the Tea Party wants to gobble down the throat of the mass?

Also, I blame DWTS.  The title of the show is Dance with the STARS.

When ham-hock Bristol did acquired the title of star?

She only finished high school and her notoriety is based on having a child at seventeen.

Two horny Alaskan teenagers get a kids and that’s stardom. In Middle America it is welfare line.

Sarah Palin can’t control her brood and she wants to run for presidency in 2012.

The Tea Party is screwing up everything.  They have done it with a simple matter like DWTS and next in line are the democrats, the American presidency and the world for that matter.

I don’t want to live in a Palin’s world. She does not know geography, her history is in books no one wrote, she is void of intellectual curiosity, she can’t spell and can’t stop talking with a high pitch voice. She has all the tools to irritate and even bears run away from her.

Forget about DWTS, I want to see real dance, not people cheating you they can dance.  The show is Tea Party rigged.

Brandy won. So, hey! I don’t need to see the rest dancing with ham-hock Bristol.