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Osama Bin Laden Warholl Style

Image by Anxo Resúa via Flickr

Osama bin Laden has been eliminated and the Muslim extremist world is kind of mute at the news. They are exalting muted sadness or happiness while thinking about the next move telling the world that Osama is gone but his spirit lives on.

The world is full of tit and tat, ping and pong, yin and yang, pro and con that a bang-bang on symbols, icons or people going along their daily business must happen.

Bang-bang is the order of extreme terrorism when pagans do not heed to prescribe religious belief and books telling who to hate or discriminate. 

The Muslim clerics complained that a burial at sea was not satisfactory, Osama was shot while unarmed and Pakistan should have been informed of the “unauthorized” unilateral action.  Indonesia Islamists declared Osama a martyr.

Anyway, yes, American should have informed Pakistan to give Osama proper warning.  After all, Osama bin Laden was Pakistan bread and butter.
What will happen to Pakistan when the generous donations from America to combat terrorism stop coming?

Obama has suddenly become, even among birthers, more American in his country.
However, a few prominent personalities find it difficult to credit Obama.  Sarah Palin, a wannabe republican presidential candidate who recently acquired a passport to visit her geography, credited Bush of the ground work for catching Osama bin Laden.

Bush ground work was based on allegoric intelligence. Bush, after 9/11, destroyed Iraq, caused mayhem in the poppy fields of Afghanistan while Osama was in Pakistan.

Taliban infested Afghanistan has been vindicated. Tears ridden president Karzai for years told America that bin Laden was not hiding in the caves of the rocky mountains of Afghanistan.

Then others, the one you must listen to in order not to be labeled a moron by the politico, are looking into strategic mistakes made by the Obama administration. They analyze what should or could have been done, in which order and if waterboarding was used to illegally get Osama’s address.

For some Osama’s death without a body as evidence is not valid.  It is beyond their comprehension and speculation and conspiracy will soon start coming.

It is madness, who cares about the body since Osama was only an audiotape figure attached to fading color pictures of him from the Kodak roll film era.

Some will create tantrums to see the gruesome picture of Osama’s head pierced by a bullet.  Others will create counter-tantrum for the pictures not to be available.

Muslims extremists jump on high horses when a cartoonist caricatures their prophet. Pictures of Osama may cause the same effect.

Well, a worthy fact is that Osama was fond of Coca Cola and Pepsi. They found lots of empty soda cans in his hideaway. He probably drank the American liquid formula straight from the can and with a straw as not to soil his beard.

When the World Trade Center twin towers blew up lots of Muslim countries chanted death to the Americans and lots of praise for Osama.

It will still be difficult time ahead for the Muslim of Dearborn, Michigan. You cannot rejoice at the killing of your own even if you did not agree with his ideology.

Religion always comes before patriotism and Osama represented religious ideology within a political context or vice versa and that depends if you look at a glass half empty or full.

I think I have an idea where Gaddafi stays, his body can be dumped at sea.

Is that too much of a request?




3. Martin Luther King, Jr., a civil rights act...

Image via Wikipedia

America is commemorating the death of Dr. Martin Luther King and there is not much to add about him. Everything has been said and debated about this icon of modern American Black history.

Martin Luther King is the hero of all the descendants of Black slaves and the Blacks subjugated by segregationist policies and laws in the USA.

In the days where laws were called Jim Crow and a strange fruit was a dead Black hanging from a tree. America still has a lot to do in terms of race relations but the fact is that Dr. King is the most celebrated founder of the civil right movement.

Pan-Africans advocate the unification of Africans and people of African heritage.

I read an opinion piece in a Kenyan newspaper and the author, a staunch pan-African, stated that it was time for the West to compensate Africa for slavery.

I was offended, since history shows that Africa had a role to play with slavery and compensation, if any, should go to the descendants of the people who Africa enslaved.

I wrote to the newspaper and now assume that my point of view was too inflammatory and un-African and tossed in the dust bin.

Anyway, I found a great quote from “King Ghezo of Dahomey who said in 1840s: the slave trade is the ruling principle of my people. It is the source and the glory of their wealth.”

I wonder what would be the world opinion if Jews were asked to compensate Germany for what Hitler has done.

A synonym of pan-African is the African Union.  It started as the Organization of African Unity or the dictators club as some called it.

The so-called OAU did nothing for the Black people during the segregation time fought by Martin Luther King in the USA, nothing either during South Africa and former Rhodesia apartheid era.

During apartheid era the African nations were knocking on South Africa’s door for favors and loans.

The irony is that since Africans took over not much is going on.  Nelson Mandela is South Africa father figure while Jacob Zuma, the president only interest is to acquire more wives and gag the press.

I astonished a friend of mine when I said that Zuma wanted to shag his whole country. Funny, I think it was the ambition of King Ghezo too.  Africa likes to shag its people.

I have nothing to say about Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. The man is absolutely self un-explanatory.
Sorry, I have something to say:
“Mugabe’s nickname is Mad Bob and he is upset because his wife is rumored to have extramarital affairs.”

I get kind of disturb when Africa’s sycophants ride on the fame or associate themselves with people like Dr. King. I understand than an America embassy in Africa is having an exhibit comparing Dr. King’s accomplishments with other African heroes.

Testing, testing.  Which African heroes?
Dr. King never liberated a country and stole the land. No, he liberated the Black people and got killed for it.

Dr. King belongs to Blacks, the one who are now in the new world, the one with the post slavery syndromes.

Africa should offer all Blacks an excuse for the mess they created. Nobody wants their money as they borrow from the West where Blacks live. An apology will do.



The tiny kingdom of Bahrain is feeling the ripple effect of Tunisia and Egypt. King, Shaikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa apologized for two deaths which occurred in the capital Manama during a demonstration.  Recently, at dawn, his police force shot and threw tear gas at protestors peacefully resting in tents at Pearl Square.  So far three more demonstrators have died and hundreds are filling the hospitals with serious injuries.

Which other apology can the king offer now? He sits on a throne advocating the three “unwise” monkeys’ policy; see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. 

He lives in a palace and is oblivious to the mass. He lives with four wives, innumerable children and one of his favorite hobbies is falconry. Anyone still playing with falcons is disconnected with the modern world.

He has a son, Sheikh Abdulla bin Hamad Al Khalifa, whose only fame is to elbow the worthy and talented in the hope that some of the glitters will rub on him. At one time he attempted a join venture as a song writer with Michael Jackson.

Prime Minister, Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, has been in power for almost 40 years and is the richest of the royal family.  80% of the Bahrain cabinet members are from the royal family and Sunni Muslims while the majority of the population is Shiites.  Considering that Bahrain is an island with less than 2 millions people, assumingly the royal family, after a while, will have to self–pollinate in order to stay in power.

Bahrain is not a poor country and the young and educated demonstrators’ requests are for jobs, housing, freeing of political prisoners and better representation of the Shiites Muslims in the government, all simple requests summing up dignity and recognition.

America will go in wild directions with words of cautious considering they have vested political and strategic interest in the region and a large military base in Juffair.

The ruling class in the Middle East and Africa is disconnected with the people it governs.  

They ostracized the have-not which provides them so much wealth. The Lotus revolution has touched mainly the Arab world.

Sub-Sahara Africa as loads of Mubarak and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and his saturated with more authoritarian and cruel despots like Mad Bob Mugabe, Brother Leader al-Kaddafi and Lion man Paul Biya (from Cameroon).

Many in sub-Sahara are looking at the situation in the Arab world hoping the revolution of change comes down their way.  They have dire problems of political freedom, unemployment, corruptions high, food cost, and one party system.  It could happen but it will be difficult because:

  • Africa does not matter to the world. 
  • Africans are difficult to unite. They are all divided among ethnic lines.
  • Africans do not look for the common good but the interest of the common tribe.
  • African leaders are not scared of the USA and democracy.  They get their bullets from China.
  • African leaders will use extreme force to massacre, rape and displace their people.
  • Africans have short memories and will sell their vote for a bag of maize to reëlect autocrat leaders who keep them in poverty.

Notice the African Union is thunderstruck about the chain of events.  They cannot talk because all its members, who are holding hostage a continent, are busy devising “democratic” ways to rig elections and change constitutions.

Somehow, it has to change.



2011 Egypt Revolution Protest Rally Pioneer Sq...

Image by orb9220 via Flickr

I like to hear stories about schmuck.  They are light on the brain and slapstick comedy of a dumb ass doing dumb things. Yep, but that’s where it stops.  It stops when it affects people at large

I listened all nigh long to BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera and TV5 about the developments in Egypt.  At midnight, thriller time, Hosni Mubarak spoke.  Everyone is expecting his resignation as president.

No, the man spoke, spoke and spoke about rubbish.  He spoke about things that no one wants to hear. Autocrat Mubarak will transfer his power to his new vice president, very new since he never had one before, and finish his term in September.

The man is rich and so are his wife and son.  Different sources estimate the family fortune at 40 to 60 billion US dollars.  He has looted the coffer while the majority of the population is poor.  He thinks he is the self-righteous ruler of Egypt and cannot do wrong.

Wrong! His speech is an insult to the mass, he has pissed on the populace who gave him to opportunity to rule, loot while they were beaten up, put in jail and force feed false information by the media which he controlled.
Who cares that he has given 50 years of his life to the country.  Like all dictators he will go down in the gutter of history.

Egypt and Africa are tired of this type of leadership.  People are born and died knowing only one leader.  Actually moronic leadership is the case on the African continent.

Zine El Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia took the road runner escape with his billions.  Africa has 53 countries, one despot gone but 52, maybe 53 as soon as South Sudan becomes a country, need to follow suit.

Revolution needs to go west and east of Africa and finish down south.

It will not work!  Whoopi-doo! Then let all the good people of conscience emigrate out.  Build a wall around the continent and throw the key away. Look for the key when you need to open the door for the ores and let the small overly rich dictators play with each other.
They can copulate and Darwin in a new specie for all I care.  The West has fabricated and supported these dictators so in good conscience they have to accept the population which they ostracized and vilified in the name of “good friendly politic”.

Furthermore, I like Obama’s intelligence.
Easy! Put your hand in a fortune cookie jar, pull one out, crack it, and whatever you read on the piece of paper hidden inside the fortune cookie is the intelligence. I have lost faith in his oratory, that’s what they are, oratories based on words with no content. The man has embarrassed me.

In that case America needs to butt off at any changes wanted by a mass which is not his. Bad or good the mass has to define his destiny.  That’s their right!

Cry latter! Who cares if that’s what they want let them have it.

I don’t give a hoot about the financial indexes and economic reports on Africa, they all hogwash defining how well the 5 to 10 % of the thieves are doing. They make nice reports for the IMF, the donor countries and the magazines telling the investors …. invest, invest, and incest with us. 

So Mubarak is still around probably sourcing a good place to go where no one will freeze his assets.

You know what! Let him go and dive in his cuckoo’s nest.  The crazy houses are full of people living in their bubbles. 

The mass is real.  It lives outside the cuckoo’s nest. They feel and breathe realities.  They have right because they are feeling the pains and sorrow inflicted by these schmuck leaders.

My shoe is ready!




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World Trade Center by Ras200


I favor the practice of any religions but do not appreciate for religious group, even atheist, to impose their views on others. Anyone’s belief telling me how to take care of my transcendental life cuts against my grain. I am not a religious addict and will not waste my time reasoning with addicts.
I favor separation of church and states. The worldly and secular aspect of our life is for democratically elected governments and religions for the transcendental and holiness of life. There is no common ground among the two.

I feel the same about immigration. Regardless where people come from or want to go to is not my problem. My philosophy is simple the world is beautiful and belongs to everyone.
Territories are a remnant of tribes existing worldwide a millennium ago and things will change. Now, you have the UNITED States of America, the European UNION and the UNITED Arab Emirates
Usually, people want to stay and thrive in the land of their birth and anyone annoyed about the influx of foreigners invading their areas for better life or opportunities should question the corrupt leaders, forcing for different reasons, their citizen to immigrate abroad.
I think I know a bit about that, I live in Africa and African migrates due to man-made problems; war, tribalism, child labor, slavery, religious conflict, persecution, lack of human rights, self-censorship due to lack of press freedom, poverty due to uneven distribution of resources, bogus election, corruption, anachronism in culture, nepotism and bias towards anything which they do not comprehend.
Try crossing Africa, by land, from north to south and if you arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa, in one piece then you’ve made history.

My liberal principles are simple. Anyone has the right to do what they want as long as it does not infringe on the well-being of others and within the cultural, ethical and legal frame of the society you live in.
Immigrate where you want but, in public, harmonize with the host country life-style and culture.
Worship without arrogance or contempt for religions or belief contrary to yours.

Photo by Georgie Girl


 Ground Zero is the site in Manhattan, New-York City, where twin towers called the World Trade Center were destroyed, on 11 September 2001, by two planes piloted by Al-Qaeda suicide members. The damage was massive, over 3000 persons of different nationalities and religions died, and many affected or not by this carnage have not yet found closure.
Al Qaeda is a militant group with religious ambition to install an Islāmic (caliphate) style of governance in Muslim countries.
Al-Qaeda attack on the World Trade Center created an instant misplaced hatred towards all Muslim in the US, even to the ones living there for generations.

Ground Zero by Volcomfireguy


Two blocks away from Ground Zero, on private property, the Cordoba Initiative, an organization founded by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, whose aim is to improve Muslim-West relations, wants to build an Islāmic learning center and a Mosque. In accordance with the US constitution and laws it has the right to do so.
The Cordoba Initiative is derisive of American sensitivity and so is Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf also Imam of Masjid Al-Farah’s mosque located twelve blocks from Ground Zero.

Proposed site of the Ground Zero Mosque- Photo Donald Douglas


Imam Feisal studied and spent many years in the US but his insensibility about Ground Zero still shows lack of harmony and understanding of the American cosmopolitan culture and way of life.
His organization has the right to build an Islāmic Learning Center together with a Mosque but exercising this right shall be perceived as a malicious moral contempt to the victims of 9/11, their family and NYC and that’s definitely not the way to improve relations between Islam and the West.